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Saturday, 21 January 2012


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Smadav Antivirus
Smadav is antivirus from indonesian, you can try this for free follow this link for free download : SMADAV ANTIVIRUS. Fineupdate and have free for home use anti virus programs run an online scan with trend micro. Download antivirus smadav 8 5 free downloads rapidshare these are developments that occur related to this antivirus: smadav rev 2010 8 3: addition of 40 new virus database,
all variants of the virus cleaning shortcuts, and. The best antivirus indonesia ervins blog download smadav antivirus 2010 rev 8 3 torrent, your favorite smadav antivirus 2010 rev 8 3 torrents, smadav antivirus 2010 rev 8 3 bittorrent download. Computer technology smadav antivirus 2011 rev 8 4 smadav antivirus 2011 rev 8 4 made to clean and protect your computer from viruses, especially the local virus in indonesia.
File extension loov information about smadsoft smadav antivirus smadav antivirus, also known as “smadav,” is an indonesian antivirus program it is designed to protect indonesian users from computer. Anti virus smadav trahsutino smadav smadav pro has many additional features that do not exist in smadav free, the following are additional features you get on smadav pro: automatic update online, 10x. Smadav antivirus free software, music, movie and games downloads at online-share, best download arhive at the web rapidshare downloads. Free download software indonesia’s anti-virus protection smadav focus, a thorough clean-up of indonesia, the virus is a common anti-virus better than importing rev smadav 8 times it is better.

12 Reasons to use SmadAV
1). SmaRTP technology, SMART-Protection
-Protection of the world’s lightest, fastest and at least use the computer resource.
- Not only depend on the number of databases / signatures, but also has the intelligence (intelligent algorithms) that can protect your computer from new viruses though.
- Automatic detection of the flash immediately after the plug on the computer.
- Automatic detection when a virus when you are to explore folders
- Can be combined perfectly with all the protection of any antivirus product.
- Supports all OS Windows XP & Vista
2). Smart Scanner
- Technology, the world’s fastest antivirus scanner only in SmadAV, at least use the computer resource.
- Many heuristic methods for the detection of new viruses and not in the database
- The most complete database of virus in Indonesia because of a database which combined smart virus detection methods
- A feature “1 viruses by user” and the detection computer system security level “risk value”
- Supports all OS Windows XP & Vista
3). Cleaner
- Just remove the virus files and never delete a document
- Infected documents will be cleaned and restored
- Automatic quarantine documents can not be clean, do not delete
- Supports all OS Windows XP & Vista
4). Cleaning & repairs Registry
- More than 1000 values in the registry will be scanned and cleaned by SmadAV
- Can serve as a registry repair, computer performance will be better and faster
- Supports all OS Windows XP & Vista
5). Update
- SmadAV continue to follow the development of a widespread virus in Indonesia
- SmadAV will continue to be revised on an ongoing basis the period varies depending on the virus growth
- Revision SmadAV will always be released every 1,2,3, or 4 weeks.
- Without any updated SmadAV was very smart to recognize the virus independent
- You can monitor the SmadAV Update
6). Manual is very easy weapon to use
- 1 Virus by user, find out which files are made You are a strange computer, then Exterminate with SmadAV.
- Process Manager, to monitor and manipulate all processes in memory
- System Editor, change the settings and important secret in windows
7). Free
- You do not have to pay anything to use the full SmadAV
- No ads / ads / banner on the site and SmadAV programs, donors who cover development costs SmadAV & hosting site
- You can become donors to support SmadAV development, anti-virus technology in Indonesia
8). SmadAV Team is a professional team
- Founder / Programmer is a student in one of the University seed in Indonesia and Freelancers (remote workers) experienced Freelance & company the best programming in the U.S., with a rating of 9.75 / 10 and has completed more than 50 projects programming / software.
- Web Admin is a web-master professional and experiencedin the development of the site and forum-based CMS
- Team is a team SmadAV antivirus and collection volunteers terhandal Indonesia
- Has 4 divisions webmaster, Momod (Forum Moderator), Viser (virus researcher), and Designer.
- Seriously, team members practice SmadAV science aims only and advancing technology, did not aim for profit
9). Portable and support all Windows OS
- No need to install
- Only one. Exe file with a very small size
- Not always in the hard disk, can be placed in flash, CD / DVD, or other removable media.
- Supports all OS Windows XP & Vista for all features in SmadAV (Scanner, SmaRTP, Registry-Cleaner, etc..)
10). Site best and most complete antivirus
- Sites that light, fast, and beautiful in
- Upload a virus very easily and quickly in
- There are forums for discussion and antivirus for help
- There’s a chat in the Smad-Chat
- Site information as viruses and the latest anti-virus in Indonesia
11). Smad-Lock
- Protection SmadAV will automatically lock your Flashdisk
- Almost impossible Flashdisk viruses can infect you again
12). The secret features?
- For the next revision, the Team has prepared SmadAV many features incredible secret
- Features of this secret so incredible, new, and Indonesia in particular will surprise Smadavers (User SmadAV)
- Programmers are developing this feature, and if it is perfect will soon be released
- What are the secret features are? because the secret so just wait the time comes …

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